Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crunch At Your Own Risk

Ok, so chances are you've tasted Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar chips by now.
We're kinda addicted to them 'round here.
I saw they revamped the bag to make it more environmentally sound.
How nice of the chip people.
These new bags are 100% Compostable.
The first of their kind, they say.

Well, next time you go down the "chip aisle", pick up a bag.
You don't have to buy them.
The sound will amaze you.
It's so stinkin' loud!

Who knew compost could be so loud.
Smelly, yeah. But loud?

I actually laughed to myself when I grabbed the bag to throw in my cart.
So much for midnight snacks.
One could wake up the whole house ripping open one of these babies.


  1. This is hilarious... I thought the exact same thing when i bought them... i was trying to open the bag and my husband looked over at me wondering what in the world i could be doing making so much noise!!!
    delicious, enviromentaly great but loud!!!

  2. Hilarious..thanks for the laugh. I really needed it today!

  3. Thanks so much for your support for the new SunChips compostable bags! We’re glad to know the noise doesn’t bother you too much. We’re trying to spread the word on why making a little noise to help the environment isn’t such a bad thing, so please visit for more information.