Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cabinet and Congratulations

Ok, for those who have been waiting for the reveal of the little cabinet I got over Christmas, here's the finished product:

This project was super easy.
I didn't even sand this cabinet before I started painting it.
It was already covered in a chalky white, so I painted two coats of turquoise and let that dry.
The next step was to sand some of the paint off in random places.
Followed that up with a little bit of chocolate brown paint.
I used a moist paper towel to apply the brown.
I rubbed it on in places and then quickly wiped some of it off to give it that worn, weathered look.
I then applied leftover wrapping paper to the inside back wall of the cabinet using Mod Podge.
Distressed the paper with a bit more sanding and

Now, let's get to the winner of the Mini Book Of Love...

Congratulations to


A big thank you to all who entered this month.

Have a super Saturday everyone!


  1. I love the cabinet! Thanks for the giveaway!! I have been telling all my friends about your Etsy shop!

  2. So cute, Ms. Dove! Love the turquoise and the shelf-backing. ;)

  3. Love your blog name! I'd love to repost this if you'd allow me to. . .

  4. The new color is really fun and so is the mod podged back. Great job!

  5. Oh! It turned out beautiful!
    Love the background paper.

  6. i want it! i would even steal it from you. and i laugh at the title of your blog. you're such a cutie! :)

  7. I thought the "before" was the "after" before I scrolled down! You really couldn't have gone wrong either way, but I LOVE the turquoise. It's such a hot color right now, and it would give any room a "pop" of color. Great job!

  8. Beautiful! I love the colour.

  9. What a darling little cabinet. Great job!

  10. I love your cabinet. Great colour and love the shape.

  11. Wow, I love it! Looooove the color!