Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Come Clean...

If you're the Chief Laundry Doer in your house this question is for you.

When washing clothes, do you or don't you turn socks and garments right side out before throwing 'em in?

Years ago, Ann Landers gave advice to a mom who was tired of nagging her family when it came to their dirty clothes.
Balled up, dirty, stinky, inside out socks, mostly.
Mom had been asking family over and over to turn their clothes right side out before throwing them into the laundry basket.
Ann's advice?
Wash them inside out, balled up and give them back that way.
They'll learn.
Well, for some reason that article stuck with me and I've since "tried this at home".
When I first got married, I trained my husband and it worked.
(not only is he a cutie, he's a quick learner).
My boys on the other hand are a work in progress.
My littlest guy never says a word, but will just wear his socks inside out.
(Can someone say 'backfire'

Anyway, I'm curious....
what do you do?


  1. I try to get them all straight before washing them. My question is what happens to all out socks...?
    Hugs, andrea

  2. We still have the 'they can't possibly get clean if they are washed inside out' talk...but, to be honest, I'm more concerned with why I have to continually buy new socks. It's starting to scare me a little. Will I someday open a closet door and have this wall of 'missing' socks fall on me?? Nightmares, I tell ya, NIGHT.MARES. :D

  3. It depends on how nice I'm feeling and how rushed I am. Mostly, I get them out of the ball, but I don't always turn them right side in. I've recently delegated sock sorting to Elijah, so now they rarely get turned right side in, even at the sorting stage.

    Good question.


  4. I used to be a little OCD about turning the right side out...but several years ago I decided to stop because it was taking me so long to fold laundry. However, I no longer do the kids laundry. A year ago I decided they needed to start washing their own laundry. So now, occasionally, when I pull my husbands shirts or skivvies or socks out of the dryer and they are inside-out I happily right them!

  5. I do not even sort the clothes let alone turn socks right side out!:-)

  6. Hubby shares the laundry duty with me (so sweet!) and he stresses when stuff is inside out. If I get stuff that is inside out, it gets washed and returned that way (except for socks). It's a battle that I'm not willing to fight or get my feathers ruffled over.