Monday, August 27, 2012

tshirt wall art {a tutorial}

it was a sad day not too long ago, when i told my littlest guy that it was time to give up his favorite tshirt. he was sooo disappointed that he was too big to wear it. {heartbreaking!}

it was then that i remembered that salvaged open back frame. the one freshly painted a crisp white, complete with glass and picture wire. the one that was just waiting to display something...PERFECT!

here's what i did. you can do it, too. it's so easy!

step 1: i kept the glass in my frame and tossed the matte. if you end up not using glass, it will still look great. {open back frames don't usually come with glass, but you can get glass cut for yours. my frame just happened to come with everything i needed. as long as your frame is deep enough, it will work for this project}.

step 2:  my frame also came with a piece of foamboard. {a sheet of foamboard is very cheap at any office supply or craft store}. i slipped the foamboard into my tshirt, adjusting the tshirt as i went to get it straight{this was the trickiest part}. i folded the shirt as flat as i could get it and then taped it down. {you could also cut off the sleeves and back of your shirt so it fits inside the frame easier}.

step 3: after i put the foam and shirt in the frame, i cut a piece of cardboard to fit on top. i then secured it using the 'little metal bendy things' in the frame. you could also use small nails.

step 4: next, i attached the picture wire to the frame. you could also attach a sawtooth hanger if you choose not to use the entire shirt in your frame. i found the picture wire to work best for mine because i used the whole tshirt. either way, no one will see the back of your frame once it's up on the wall.

step 5: this is the best step of all...display it in your kid's room and make their day!