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Sunday, July 8, 2012

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

fun with frogs

as a little girl, i can remember catching frogs with the boy next door.
we put them in coffee cans, filled about halfway with dirt and placed the top on tight to keep them from escaping.

...and breathing.

we didn't know to poke holes in the lid.

                                                             froggy wall art

i still love frogs!

so, a couple of weeks ago, we "adopted" 11 tadpoles from some friends who had a pond.
i took our oldest to a local thrift shop and he spent $8 on a tank and lid.
we bought food and some gravel and spent less than $20 total.
what a fun summer project it has been!

the boys keep the tank on the porch and a few times a day, they check on their progress.
it has been really fun to watch them change each day.

this morning, we went out to feed them and found this:

when they get bigger, we plan to set them free in a pond near our house.
{or maybe sooner if they start croaking at night because more than frogs, mom likes her sleep!}