Monday, August 27, 2012

tshirt wall art {a tutorial}

it was a sad day not too long ago, when i told my littlest guy that it was time to give up his favorite tshirt. he was sooo disappointed that he was too big to wear it. {heartbreaking!}

it was then that i remembered that salvaged open back frame. the one freshly painted a crisp white, complete with glass and picture wire. the one that was just waiting to display something...PERFECT!

here's what i did. you can do it, too. it's so easy!

step 1: i kept the glass in my frame and tossed the matte. if you end up not using glass, it will still look great. {open back frames don't usually come with glass, but you can get glass cut for yours. my frame just happened to come with everything i needed. as long as your frame is deep enough, it will work for this project}.

step 2:  my frame also came with a piece of foamboard. {a sheet of foamboard is very cheap at any office supply or craft store}. i slipped the foamboard into my tshirt, adjusting the tshirt as i went to get it straight{this was the trickiest part}. i folded the shirt as flat as i could get it and then taped it down. {you could also cut off the sleeves and back of your shirt so it fits inside the frame easier}.

step 3: after i put the foam and shirt in the frame, i cut a piece of cardboard to fit on top. i then secured it using the 'little metal bendy things' in the frame. you could also use small nails.

step 4: next, i attached the picture wire to the frame. you could also attach a sawtooth hanger if you choose not to use the entire shirt in your frame. i found the picture wire to work best for mine because i used the whole tshirt. either way, no one will see the back of your frame once it's up on the wall.

step 5: this is the best step of all...display it in your kid's room and make their day!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

summer lovin' sale!

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Happy Weekend!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

fun with frogs

as a little girl, i can remember catching frogs with the boy next door.
we put them in coffee cans, filled about halfway with dirt and placed the top on tight to keep them from escaping.

...and breathing.

we didn't know to poke holes in the lid.

                                                             froggy wall art

i still love frogs!

so, a couple of weeks ago, we "adopted" 11 tadpoles from some friends who had a pond.
i took our oldest to a local thrift shop and he spent $8 on a tank and lid.
we bought food and some gravel and spent less than $20 total.
what a fun summer project it has been!

the boys keep the tank on the porch and a few times a day, they check on their progress.
it has been really fun to watch them change each day.

this morning, we went out to feed them and found this:

when they get bigger, we plan to set them free in a pond near our house.
{or maybe sooner if they start croaking at night because more than frogs, mom likes her sleep!}

Friday, June 15, 2012


1. love his sweet game face.
2. hydrangeas are in bloom.
3. my all star.
4. after the storm.
5. furry conehead. he's not at all happy.
6. dyed clothespins with food coloring. so pretty.
7. sw mad libs are a hit! guaranteed laughs.
8. summer bunting on my mantle.
9. breakfast for dinner courtesy of daddy.
10. a page from his "animal book".

i'm linking up my phone photos with jeannett.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

God's in the little things...

i was so mad at myself this morning.

i locked us out of the truck at the pool and we had to walk back home to get my spare keys.

but then i remembered that things happen for a reason.

things you wouldn't see unless you were walking back home with two curious boys.

little, helpless, feathery things. that fall from their nest. and are bleeding and need medical attention.

rescuing this baby brown thrasher was how we started our day.

chirping birdy is now at wildlife rehab 30+ miles away.

God's in the little things...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

hello monday - hello new additions

hello four.
this little project was super fun and easy.
i took a canvas, my projector and found a four that i liked,
penciled it out and painted it.

hello new zippered pouch from the pleated poppy.
this is the 2nd zippered pouch i've bought from lindsey and i just adore it!
the quality is top notch and the style...speaks for itself.

hello summer project.
this beast i've lovingly named goliath.
he was given to us by some friends who were moving
and will be great storage for us.
i can't wait to get started on his makeover!

i'm saying hello monday with lisa leonard.
what are you saying hello to this week?

Friday, May 25, 2012

instafriday and {freebie friday}

i'm linking up with jeannett again for another week of photos
courtesy of my {cracked} phone.

what i'm currently reading and highly recommend to
anyone wanting to sell their handmade goodies

have you seen these?
kleenex in pretty, little pouches.
it really doesn't take much to make me happy apparently.

one thing on our summer to do list is to "complete a big puzzle".
this is actually a 3 in 1 puzzle with varying sized pieces.
nailed it.

found this in the dollar section at target.
it's custard bowl size - very small and very cute.
i stopped at one.

i got to this pick up game a few minutes too late
and missed my hubby eating it while running to 1st.
darn, i love a good wipeout.

mom's got skillz.
not camping skillz, really,
but fashioning a tent in the bedroom with a king size sheet skillz.

what's sweeter than a rice krispy treat with chocolate drizzle?
this guy.

weirdos. and proud of it.


now for the freebie friday part:
today, if you purchase more than $10 in merchandise from either one of my shops,
i'll include one of my chrysanthemum rings for FREE.
i have a limited supply (about a dozen or so), so it's first come, first serve.

i'll choose one of these pretties, box it up for you, and send it with your purchase.

*click on the buttons in my sidebar and you'll be taken right over to my shops*
have a fantastic friday!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

new items in the shops!

i've been feeling a little under the weather this week,
so what better time to list some new goodies!?

i hope you're having a great week
and that the pollen doesn't like you, like it likes me.

Monday, May 21, 2012

hello monday

hello to summer!
no more school and the pool is officially open.

hello to hydrangeas that are starting to bloom.
can't wait!

hello to freshly painted piggies.

hello to beautiful weather and a surprise in the sky.

hello to new products in the shops including this cutie pie!

hello to boy toys like potato guns.

hello to a smashed phone screen.
first world problems, i know.

i'm linking up with lisa leonard for hello monday.

have a great week!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

mr. and mrs.

this sweet couple is bound to live a 'happily ever after' kinda life.
i mean what could possibly go wrong when you're this cute!?
the new mr & mrs are currently on their way to Oregon to live their new life together.
 ~ ah, wedded bliss ~


Friday, May 18, 2012


here's a little peak into my week thru instagram photos...
i had a great time creating this flower wall art for my niece's birthday (she loves blue)

mother's day with my men was great. they all gave me handmade cards (even the hubs).
taught them well i have.

target kills me. i so need a girl!

my boys were driving me crazy with this creepy noise they make.
so, i pulled out the big guns. literally. i blasted them while they were watching tv with my nerf gun.
yes, this momma's packin'!
it was a sneak attack, they loved it AND they got so distracted that they stopped making the noise.
i got cool mom points and let off some steam. i highly recommend this therapy.

a mysterious man showed up at, or should i say "on", my table this week.
 i could tell the artist felt bad for drawing him on the furniture.
we all go a little crazy sometimes, right?
(don't tell him, but it was hard to act disappointed when his people are so darn cute!)

a heart shaped stone i found on a wall.
random coolness.

this guy had an ear infection this week.
some antibiotics and a trip to the library made him feel a whole lot better.

how was your week?

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