Friday, May 18, 2012


here's a little peak into my week thru instagram photos...
i had a great time creating this flower wall art for my niece's birthday (she loves blue)

mother's day with my men was great. they all gave me handmade cards (even the hubs).
taught them well i have.

target kills me. i so need a girl!

my boys were driving me crazy with this creepy noise they make.
so, i pulled out the big guns. literally. i blasted them while they were watching tv with my nerf gun.
yes, this momma's packin'!
it was a sneak attack, they loved it AND they got so distracted that they stopped making the noise.
i got cool mom points and let off some steam. i highly recommend this therapy.

a mysterious man showed up at, or should i say "on", my table this week.
 i could tell the artist felt bad for drawing him on the furniture.
we all go a little crazy sometimes, right?
(don't tell him, but it was hard to act disappointed when his people are so darn cute!)

a heart shaped stone i found on a wall.
random coolness.

this guy had an ear infection this week.
some antibiotics and a trip to the library made him feel a whole lot better.

how was your week?

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  1. found your blog through insta-friday :) I have two boys too and am dying over those girls shoes!

  2. Those shoes are sooo stinkin cute! We have that same nerf gun and I swear the hubby could spend hours playing with it...drives me crazy. Found you through insta-friday :)