Thursday, May 6, 2010

Goodbye, Little Bus

Sold this over the weekend.
I'm still not really a minivan person,
but I have to admit there was a special love for my Odyssey.
Separating our boys with that third row of seats kind of love.

We're still searching for something to replace my ride.
We don't do car payments here at our nest,
so this may take a little while.
(Good thing hubby loves the hunt).

In the meantime,
tell me,
what do you drive?


  1. I drive a minivan too. However, I would much rather drive a cute car than a small bus! Unfortunately, the minivan is perfect for carpooling, etc. The Odyssey is my dream van but the crappy Chrysler was more in our budget! I will be trading it in soon. I would love to have an Odyssey next!

  2. Black, 2005 Honda Accord SE, scored it from lil bro as a turn-in on his lease for only $9grand-wootwoot! Honda's goooo forever!

    However, i have a truck crush on OUR Chevy Colorado!!! Secretly I call it MY truck! :)

    Can't wait to see what you end up with, you'll be a hot mama regardless of what you drive- teehee! :) xoxoL~

  3. I love my Toyota Sienna! I'm one of the few moms whose dream car was a minivan. I know it's weird, but I knew once we had kids that's what I wanted to drive.

  4. Oh, I HAD a Chevy Trail Blazer..until it needed a new transmission, which changed into 6 weeks without a vehicle. (long story) I know have a Ford Fusion, I LOVE IT. It great amazing gas miliage! (and we have the V6 and its a 2008) Just shop around get a vehicle that has good reviews and no problems. :)

  5. I've been driving the same van for 9 years. It's a Dodge Grand Caravan with almost 150K miles on it. We are looking for a replacement..without a payment.

    I would love to drive an Excursion. Because it's politically incorrect and I'm in a mood right now. ;)

  6. We used to have a Chevy Venture van and traded it last year for a Chevy Equinox which I love. I loved our Venture but my love surprised my son and I with a new vehicle when we had the van towed in after she broke down. She was ten or twelve years old and was a good van. We got her for ten grand with 60,000 miles. I miss her at times but I love our Equinox, my son and I have named her Lucy. My son that's what Dale E. Jr. named his car. Ok, her name's Lucy then. haha!

  7. It came today. I LOVE IT. LOVE IT!!!
    I just got it less than an hour ago in the mail and I am going to Michael's TODAY to get it framed.
    Absolutely perfect.
    Thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness, prayers and such a sweet, significant gift!

  8. I just sold my suburban because I want an Odyssey. I am so not a minvan person but I think every mom tries one at least once! We are also a "no car payment" family...or should I say I am and so the hunt is long for us too. Good luck to you!!