Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Favorite Spring Things

Today, I've decided to show off some of my favorite springy stuff.
Above, I have this little tin egg with a squirrel on it.
(love me some squirrels!)
My mom gave me this egg years ago, so I'm not sure
where it originally came from.
Ain't it adorable?

Speaking of my mom, below is a picture of
her as a child all dressed up on Easter Sunday.
Cuteness, doncha think?
Wonder what she had in that little purse...

This egg wreath, I purchased at Cracker Barrel a couple of years back.
I love the texture of it.
And would you check out the burlap wrapped eggs?!

Someone out there is thinking

I have it hanging on the huge mirror in our hall.

The little eggs in my candle holders are
currently for sale at Michaels.
Please, go get some 'cause they're the sweetest!
They are made out of this hard foam material that you can actually cut into.

I added some fluff on top of the candle holders before putting the eggs on.
Now, they look like they're in a little nest.
I'm thinking about speckling them and leaving 'em up all year.
(i also love me some eggs!)

And last but not least, my bunny!
It may have been part of an old calendar (not sure).
My friend, Tami and I went junkin' one day and I saw it on the counter at an antique store.
The lady working there just gave it to me.
for free.
I brought him home, painted and distressed a frame and now he lives here with us.

Do you decorate for spring?


  1. Beautiful....We usually plant some fresh flowers for spring, but I have NOT gotten that done this year.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. Love the springy decor. Especially the framed photo of your mum. She looks thrilled with her gussied up little self!

  3. What a darling idea...eggs in candle holders! I love it!

  4. What lovely Spring things! I love squirrels too so I think the egg is really neat. I love the burlap eggs. I tried putting burlap on an egg using mod podge this Spring, but it was a disaster! If I knew how to sew I guess I could make a burlap egg that way. Anyways....
    I hope you have a Happy Easter!!