Thursday, April 1, 2010

My First Car

There she is.
My very first car.
A yellow '73 VW Bug.
(with the ladybug floor mats to boot)

I bought this car when I was only 14 years old.
At the time, I was working every weekend as a dishwasher at a restaurant.
(a job my grandparents helped me get when I was 13)
I didn't even have a learner's permit when I got it.
My dad said he would match what I saved up
and when I was ready, he would help me find a good deal.
So, when I was almost 15,
I bought this from a little old lady who had been the only owner.
I think I paid a whopping $1600

I learned how to drive in this car.
I could not parallel park it.
I stuffed it full of friends.
I threw my books in the front trunk space after school.
I drove it to the beach a lot.
I had a Bert (Sesame Street) license plate on the front.
I put surfing stickers on the back and side windows.
I pushed it many times into the driveway so as not to wake my sleeping parents.
Oh, the fun we had!
My first car and me....

My boys say they wish I still had it
and a part of me does, too.

What was your first car?
Did you get it as a gift
or buy it yourself?

I'd really like to know....


  1. My first car was a 1996 Nissan Sentra my parents bought me when I was 17. It was a manual, which I couldn't drive, and I was horribly upset! What a cruel joke ... they bought me a car I couldn't drive! Eventually I learned well enough, after several times of being stalled out through entire light cycles and close accidents trying to get into first gear uphill (we lived in WV). I felt like I needed a warning label like on roller coasters ... pregnant women or those with neck injuries should not ride. Eventually, some time in college, I finally learned to actually drive stick well ... right when the distrubor started acting up, causing the car to lose all power without any notice, and I gave it back to my parents. They used it as an "around-town" car for far too long, and were stranded far too many times, before they finally got rid of it. Hopefully for scrap and not on some poor, unsuspecting soul.

  2. What a great first car! I try to forget my first car...too many issues. Sometimes it would stop running if I had to stop at a light or stop sign. Seriously. Then I had to pop the hood and bang on something with a hammer. I am not kidding. My dad showed me how to fix it if it stopped, which it did. Often.

  3. LOVED this post!

    My first car was an 83 Toyota Celica convertible, with a t-top and canvas roll down that was held together with duct tape.

    It leaked when it rain, didn't have air conditioning in the 110 degree AZ summers, but it got me where I needed to be and I loved it.

    Always wanted a bug though.....

  4. my first car was a 65 ford falcon red w/ white stripe. i can show you that i still wish i had it-
    (link is to my old blog. though i've transferred everything to a new blog it's having technical difficulties).

  5. I, too, had my fair share of story on my first car. My first auto was a Ford Mustang, which I got when I was 16. It was pretty memorable since I bought it with my own money. Like you, I saved some money so I can purchase one. It was old and beaten but still working. I revamped it to make it look good. I was able to use it for a good number of years, but I had to give it up for practical reasons. Nevertheless, it was one of my favorite autos of all time.