Friday, April 9, 2010

Pass The Chips, Please...

Who says you have to throw that chipped plate away?
This is what I did with one of our dinner plates that had TWO chips in it.


I don't have photos of the steps, but they're super easy.

1) I got a piece of my favorite scrapbook paper.
(I'm sure you can use wallpaper or wrapping paper, too)

2) I grabbed my trusty Mod Podge

3) I measured the inside of my plate and cut the paper to fit.
(I happen to have another plate that is the size of the circle that I needed.
I used that as a template)

4) I painted a chipboard letter R for our last name.

5) I attached the paper and the letter to the plate using the Mod Podge.

Because of where I wanted to display the plate,
I knew the chips would be easily hidden by my other accessories.

There ya have it!

*I don't why the font size varies so much in this post.
Don't mind that and just look at my cute plate*

I'm linking up to The Shabby Nest's Frugal Friday

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