Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everyday Wreath

Yesterday, I made this "everyday" wreath.
I wanted something very simple without lots of fluff this time.
Something that I could hang on the front door
other than my chocolate wreath and Christmas wreath.
Something that didn't shout holiday or theme.
(well, there is a theme around here and it's bird related.
I am The Chubby Dove for goodness sake).


This pitiful wreath that's been lurking in the garage.
It had seen its fair share of sunrises on our front door in FL .
The leaves had turned an awful neon green.
Yeah, no one needs neon plastic leaves on their front door.
No one.
I always planned to put it out of its misery and yesterday was its lucky day!
I pulled all those nasty, little neon leaves off.

I didn't remove the yellow wrap that was around the foam.
(a combo of being too lazy and too excited, I guess)

In the midst of all the gluing of the new leaves,
I forgot to take pictures.
But, you'll see, it was pretty simple.

The "new leaves" were leftovers from my chocolate wreath project.
I only used the rosebuds to make that wreath, so I had varying sizes of leaves left.
(I never throw anything away that could later be used to make something else.)

Ok, so I glued the leaves down in the same direction.
The big ones on the bottom,
followed by the medium sized ones and finally the small
ones 'round back to cover up the foam.

Then, I added this....
(we're a family of four)

The nest already had a metal clip in the middle of it that I poked through the foam
and then hot glued down for extra support.
I reused the same cream colored chiffon ribbon.
It was still in great shape.
No neon.

And there you have it.

The boys are looking forward to checking the eggs
when they look through the peephole, too.


  1. So cute... I had bird eggs that I really did keep a watch on through the peep hole... for two years in a row. It was great... but what a mess! I now have a wreath on the INSIDE of the storm door.... sorry birdies... no vacancy here this year. :o)