Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tame the Toys

Today, while the boys were at school,
I pulled these blocks out of the attic.
When they came home,
it was like Christmas.
They played with them all afternoon 'til dinnertime.
They barely said two words to me.
They got along great and had so much fun building a church
and racing their vintage Fisher-Price people around.
I was amazed how "into" these blocks they were.
(and did I say that they got along?)

In our house, I rotate toys.
Some go away for a bit
and some they haven't seen in awhile,
come out.
If it's something they've outgrown,
I give it away or sell it.

They always have something exciting to play with
and I don't ever hear "we have nothing to do".

A girl I know does a "toy exchange".
She trades out her kids toys with her friends kids
and they rotate that way.
Again, exciting and you spend no money.

Other people I know,
have toys all over their house.
Overtaking their house.
Not so exciting.

Different strokes, people.

I'm curious,
at your house,
how do you tame the toys?


  1. I'm one of those with all the toys out! Thanks for the reminder to rotate our toys. I think S has her own rotation of toys though because each day she seems to play with something else.

  2. I have never rotated but really should. I do give away a lot of toys, though. I honestly don't buy many toys anymore. Birthdays and Christmas is about it. I cannot handle toy craziness. We do have one big closet full of games and some toys. They forget about it a lot and then when they remember it's like Christmas!