Thursday, October 8, 2009

Friday Faves

There's a little shop near my house that sells all sorts of "stuff". I had been noticing these willow branches out on the porch-sitting there day after day... even at night after the shop closed. So, I decided to go up there Tuesday and look at them up close. I found out that the lady who owned the place wanted $4 a piece for these branches.

No can do.

I asked her if she would make me a deal if I bought ALL of them and she laughed.


And then she said, "ten dollars".

So my Friday Fave for this week are my new willow branches!

Apparently, they grow in a pond at her sister's house and every once in awhile she goes in the water and cuts them all down. Oh, glory!

My four year old son came home from school that day and yelled,

"Wow, it looks so good in here. Now we're all ready for SPRING!"

I need to help him a little with his seasons, don't ya think? But he's right, they really add that little extra touch to that spot in our family room.

I also put some here...

The moral of this decorating story is: don't be too shy to ask someone to make you a deal. The worst they can say is 'no'.

I would have missed out on these branches if I went with my gut. I didn't want to offend the lady, but I knew they had been sitting there awhile, sad and in need of a loving home.

I'm so glad I asked!

If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, you still have time. I'll be picking the winner Saturday morning. If you missed that post click here.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, I like that! The branches are really pretty. =) I just wanted to stop by and say hello; I saw you left a comment on The Pleated Poppy and Gussy, so I wanted to visit your blog! =)

    Have a great day!

  2. I love those willow branches. You are a girl after my own heart. I love "bargaining" for a good deal. You're right - you have nothing to lose by asking!

  3. OK, Girl...I'm LOVING the stuff you are doing on your blog right now. You are so talented. This is what your fans (namely Sandy Cooper) want to see!!

    Keep it up.

    Love you!