Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fab Finds

My friend, Tami and I had soooo much fun yesterday! We left early and drove to Selma, NC with plans to hit the antique stores. If you don't know this already (and I didn't until yesterday), Selma was struggling to survive not too long ago. The city has invited antique dealers to come and open up shop with a promise of free rent for a year. So honestly, most of the stores in Selma are antique stores and they are chock full o' treasures. This particular weekend, they also had some of the streets blocked off, hosting other dealers who came to sell their stuff. It was quite a glorious site!

We did a lot of shopping and alot of talking.

Everyone was so friendly and talked to you like they'd known you for years. It's a really nice little town.

And in case all that shopping and talking makes you thirsty, they even sell:

Who doesn't want to sip on a cold soad?

I just love me a good sign.

Anyway, these are the finds I brought home yesterday. I really behaved myself and came away with:

The sweetest ever little door. It measures 5'4, cost me $15 and needs very little TLC. I may make another table out of it or hang it on the wall and turn it into a gallery for my boys' artwork. Not sure yet, but I knew IT HAD TO BE MINE!

Just look at the!

These two also got a good home. I can't wait to bring out Christmas and use these guys!

I'll post pics of my a"door"able door when I get him spiffed up and in his proper place.



  1. Love that doorknob!!! Yes, signs like that make me giggle, too.