Monday, July 19, 2010

Dog Gone Cute!

I met Kelly recently when she came to my area for a craft show.
At the time, I hadn't even gotten my puppy yet,
but I was instantly attracted to her booth.
It was loaded with colorful wares for pooches.
Collars, leashes, bandanas and more
for dogs of any size.

All handmade...

She's quite a talented little chicky!
Not only does she have the most drool worthy etsy shop,
she also rescues our four - legged friends!
So, when I told her that I got a new buddy last month,
she offered to send me a new collar to
welcome him.
{Size xsmall, please as he is now a whopping 3 pounds!}
This is what arrived in the mail yesterday..

This particular collar comes in various colors and all sizes.
It can also be personalized with your pal's name embroidered on it.
But, she has many, many more items to choose from.
So, if you love a dog or know someone who does,
check out Gone Doggie today!
{and here is my sweet snuggly boy staring up lovingly at...
a treat!}


  1. I am so glad you liked the collar. Let me know when/if he ever gets into a size Small.
    I hope he brings your family lots of joy.

  2. Gosh, he's so stinken' cute! Maybe we can swap babies for a week so I can get to meet tebow and and you can meet cole.