Friday, November 6, 2009

Love Note

Yesterday, my seven year old son came home from school with a little bit of a bad attitude. After correcting him, I saw him go over to my desk and get a piece of paper. I thought, 'surely, he's scribbling some kind of nasty note because I addressed his behavior'.

No, instead I got this:

"Dear Mom,

You are so special to me. I would trade nothing. All I want is you".

(and at the top, is a little sketch of his finger pointing to a stick girl me with an "eye heart")

God, I love that boy.

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  1. Ooooo, that is so sweet! Definately frame worthy! I love the pic too!

  2. I love the way kids can so surprise us at times! Thanks for sharing this sweet experience! Loved getting to see you (even though briefly) today! Hope you enjoyed Holidays Fit For the King!

  3. And these moments make all the difficult ones worth it.