Friday, April 13, 2012


this week i snuck away to my happy place. alone. *sigh*
(notice the glory from heaven shining down?)

my new spring/summer favorite: method's limited edition lime & sea salt handsoap!
i seriously want to eat this stuff everytime i wash!

the weather was absolutely beautiful this week!
the perfect time to do some yardwork.

one of my new buddies.
although i'm not thrilled to find their poop
on the front porch and in the garage,
i'm happy that he and his friends are eating all the bugs i freak out about.

ah, math,
how i loathe thee...i really feel my brain can't take much more,
but i keep telling myself school will be out soon enough.

want a good workout and score "cool mom" points at the same time?
play ball with your boys. my hubby pitched, the boys practiced catching, and we all got exercise.
i'm sooo sore from hitting!
 (someone put the hammer on this one)

snuggletime with my boys is the best way to spend my time...

how was your week?
i'm linking up my week in pictures with jeanett at liferearranged


  1. I love this post! I'm with you on the math. I'm really pushing my boys to get 'er done with their math books! We play catch together, but I need to get Scott to pitch to me... hitting is the best part of baseball!

  2. lol. Sweet wiffle ball skills. :)
    Cute pics!
    -Megan @