Monday, February 13, 2012

handmade valentine's day

I was inspired by all the ideas on pinterest this year when it came to Valentine's Day, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to come up with something on my own. Something easy and quick, but handmade, of course!

I'm sure someone else has done these before, but here are the valentines our guys are handing out to their friends tomorrow. Fun and super easy!

Pop Rocks with a tag that reads: YOU ROCK! {scrapbook paper, Sharpie, tag maker, ribbon, and candy that was 3/$1 at Dollar Tree}

Little Debbie Star Crunch with a tag (secured with Glue Dots) that reads: OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. {other supplies used were a circle cutter, scrapbook paper, heart stickers, and a Sharpie}

Ring Pops with a tag attached that reads: YOUR FRIENDSHIP IS A REAL TREASURE {Ring Pops are 4/$1 at Dollar Tree, tag maker, scrapbook paper, glitter marker, and ribbon}

and finally, MoonPies with a tag that reads: THERE'S NO ONE IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE LIKE YOU. The little robots I drew freehand (no two are the same- just like us). I bought a box of MoonPies at Harris Teeter for a couple of bucks, used more scrapbook paper, my circle cutter, Sharpie, and attached the tag with Glue Dots}

Hope my ideas inspire someone else...
Happy Love Day!


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