Thursday, December 31, 2009

Warm Winter Wishes

...for a happy day.

Hubby ordered coffee at a fast food joint on the way back from vacation and when he set the cup down in the cup holder, I gasped.

I don't visit fast food places often, so I was surprised when I saw this little fella. (do you think they designed the lid like this on purpose, just to start our day with a smile? I like to think so).

Before he took his first sip,

I asked to take a picture of the lid,

explaining that I take pics of smiley faces in random places

(since he doesn't read my blog).

He probably thought I was crazy when he responded with, "Cool."

Gosh, I love that man.


  1. I absolutely love that you do this!
    Have you seen that commercial where they show all those sad and happy faces all over objects. Love the happy face part.

    Happy New Year!