Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Is FUN

My favorite time of year is fall. I dream about it all year long. We recently moved from Florida to North Carolina and so I'm very excited to have seasons. Florida was just hot, more hot, a short time of winter-ish, then more hot.

If you get soaked with sweat walking out to your mailbox, you might be a Floridian.

This weekend, I added more Fall Fun to my house. I have had this metal urn thingy for years. It's been this blah beige color since I bought it to use for our wedding reception almost 10 years ago. Well, I finally got sick of the beige and decided to paint it black and sand it a bit.

Doesn't it look sooooo much better? Now it goes really well on this cute stand my Mom got me from HomeGoods.


  1. I love that you are showing little things around your house. This is what I always envisioned your blog to be. I love all the things you sell, too. But you have such an knack for decorating. The world needs you, Oh Great Chubby Dove!!!!!!

  2. Adorable! Glad to see you haven't put the black paint away yet! I always forget that I can paint things if I don't like the color! Time to go search my basement for some cute things to paint!

  3. wow! that looks so nice! I just painted a few things with black too! I have a special place in my heart for black paint! Spraypaint that is! :) Audrey

  4. I love the color change! Isn't paint a wonderful thing! looks great on your porch!!
    happy fall fun to YOU,