Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hi there, I'm linking up with Jeanett again for instafriday {except, it's Saturday. The weather is just too nice to be indoors on the internet, don't ya think?}

added some new hairbands to the etsy shop this week. goodness, i need a daughter!

took the boys on a field trip to camp flintlock where they learned all about colonial times.

went on a Dessert Date with my oldest. he made a card ahead of time and gave it to me while we were out. i have a feeling he'll make a good husband one day.

created a little "mousehole" and put one of the boys furry mice near it. so cute {especially because it's not real!}

made some hair clips for my friend's two girls who will be going to see mickey and pals this week for the first time.

how was your week?

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