Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mama's Nest

This little cutie is my most favorite Christmas gift. It was given to me by my husband and represents the two chicks in our nest {they're more like two pterodactyls some days, but alas, my darlings}.

My sweetie ordered it from The Vintage Pearl and in case you don't know, Erin, is a momma of four. She and her team can create this necklace and other handstamped jewelry that'll make you scream your head off. {if you don't believe me, go check her out.} There's something for everyone.

I've already got my eyeballs locked onto something else for Valentine's Day...


  1. Oh I love it!! That reminds me of my mom. . .every Thanksgiving at the Thanksgiving Eve service she would say how happy she was to have all of her "chicks" in her nest.