Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bounce Back Blessing

This weekend, our church collected food that was to be distributed to needy families in our area. The goal was to provide each family with a turkey, all the trimmings, canned goods, dessert, even a pan to bake the turkey in. That way, they could prepare a meal and serve it to their own family for Thanksgiving.

My husband, two sons and I had the honor of delivering food to one of the families. The lady who greeted us on the porch had the biggest smile onher face as she welcomed us inside her home. What a sweetheart! A shy little girl, 6 years old, came out in tattered pjs and with a huge grin, gladly accepted the basket of candy my husband handed to her.

Yesterday, our oldest son, 8, wrote in his journal about the experience:

Sadly, the house and vehicle parked outside really look like his drawing. {My husband is the bald man in the picture.}

It was an incredible blessing to be a part of this. On Thanksgiving, the soup kitchen that provides food to the homeless downtown, is planning to give them a meal in the late afternoon. We are going that morning to feed them breakfast, so they don't have to wait all day to eat. Our boys are excited to be participating in this, too.

As parents, we strive to make our boys aware of how blessed they are. We are. At this time of year and all year through, may we all be ever thankful of our blessings.


  1. Way to go! Your kids will always remember this experience! We are heading out tomorrow tonight to buy food for our local food bank. Our kids cash in their "give" jars every Thanksgiving to buy the food.

  2. That's awesome Jess! J's becoming quite the artist! So sweet!