Friday, August 6, 2010


(my mom at age 5)

For those of you who have been praying for my mom and our family, THANK YOU! I wanted to share a little update to keep you informed. Please keep praying.
The results of the MRI were not good. The cyberknife treatments did not work to destroy the two aggressive tumors in her brain. In fact, the tumors grew 10% bigger in the 6 weeks between the last treatment and the MRI.
Her memory is quickly fading. She remembers people, but to carry on a simple conversation is almost impossible for her. As you can imagine, she gets frustrated and tires so easily. It's a huge strain to think clearly and to form sentences properly.
Her muscles are very weak and she can't shower without a chair, needs help getting in and out of bed, sitting and standing. She sleeps most of the day. She's too tired to do much else. Talking to me on the phone this morning, she said the phone was slipping out of her hand because it was too heavy for her to hold. A phone.
It is unbearable to see a person you love so much, stuggle.
I am continually amazed at the strength and courage she has shown during this 12 year battle. During this time, she has seen me get married and give birth to two of her grandsons. My husband and children have never known her "healthy".
I'm so thankful that her relationship with the Lord has grown and blossomed through this fight. With breast cancer, she has depended on Him so much and clung to Him so tight. For that, I'm thankful.
The doctors gave her 4 months to live back in May. Everyday with my momma is a gift.
I covet your prayers as you continue to lift up my mom and family.


  1. I am so sorry to read this update. Every additional day is a blessing. Sending hugs and prayers from Nebraska.

  2. Continuing to pray for her and for you. May each moment shared with your mom seem like a lifetime.


  3. oh sweet friend...I will uplift you all in my prayers. I got teary-eyed when you said she has been able to be there for you to be married and her two grandsons. You see when I was first dx with breast cancer my youngest daughter was in 2nd grade and I said I wanted to fight and watch them graduate, get married and have babies. Two of my three are married and those two have babies...when I say that I will lift you up in prayers, I mean what I say!
    I know the power of prayer and I pray that God will wrap you all in His love and give you all the peace that only He can provide.

  4. May God bless you, your mother, and your family.

  5. I'm so sorry that there wasn't better news. Hold this time close to your heart and treasure every single moment...I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I lost my precious mom to cancer 4 years ago, so my heart goes out to you as you deal with the ramifications of this awful disease. I pray you and your mom find peace in God's presence and enjoy the moments. You are in my prayers.


  7. Praying for you, sweet girl. And your momma.
    Lots of hugs sent your way.

  8. Oh Jess...I'm so sorry. I will continue to pray. I love you so much. Which I could hug you right now.

    Big hugs, sincere prayers and lots of love to you...

  9. Sheryl sent me this link with the update as we were just talking about you and your mom yesterday. You are all in my prayers - what a tough journey. I lost my mom to bone cancer following breast cancer years ago, and it was so hard to see her fail. So I feel for you. Get to see her soon if you can - tell her I was asking about her and to say Hi to Eileen for me after she sees her Jesus. What a blessed hope we have of heaven some day!!

  10. Hi Jess. Your cousin Sheryl sent me the link to your blog. I miss her mom (my sister in law) Eileen every day and know how much she loved your mom and know that they will have an eternity in heaven together laughing really HARD! Hugs to you as you go thru these difficult days..especially being so far away. "Aunt Jan"